Nobody likes the shlep of a parcel delivery gone wrong – lost parcels can cause headaches for all parties involved and it’s something that Cloud Logistics works hard on, to avoid.

To start the year off, we’d like to remind you about some tips that can ensure that your parcel delivery is always a smooth ride and that your parcel always reaches its destination. 

The key thing to remember is to always accurately write or print the names and addresses on the parcel, as well as on the waybill – make sure the text is visible, clear and understandable.

Here are 3 things that should always be on your parcel & waybill before we pick it up for delivery:

  • First name and last name (For the sender and receiver)
  • Street, house or apartment number for the delivery address.
  • Postal/ZIP code of the city/country
    The name of the country (in case of international deliveries).

Now, for those who have heard the term waybill for the first time, we have a little definition for you. 

“A waybill is a document attached to goods in transit specifying their nature, point of origin, and destination as well as the route to be taken and the rate to be charged.”

The document is a crucial part of any parcel delivery process and here are 3 reasons as to why you need it:

  • The document tells Cloud Logistics where your shipment is going, what service you require and how you can intend to pay.
  • It tells you the terms and conditions upon which we provide our service. Please read these carefully as they limit, and in some cases, exclude our liability.
  • It gives you proof that you are sending goods with us, and with a unique number, that you can use on our website to track your shipment.

We hope the information and guidelines help make your courier experience a whole lot better in 2018! 

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